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Our Tree Care Services

Trees For Life, Inc. offers a variety of tree care services:

Tree Services

Basic Tree Care Services

Since day one tree pruning has been one of the main tree care services that we provide. We also offer tree cabling/bracing for trees with structural defects and/or weak branch attachments, and of course tree removal and stump grinding for trees suffering diseases or structural defects.

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Tree Risk Assessment & Consulting

We can assess the health and needs of all trees and shrubs on one’s property, then make any necessary recommendations to enhance the plants long term viability. Our PNW-ISA Certified Tree Risk Asessors can make reasonable assumptions on the potential failure of a tree. We can also determine the value of trees or landscape plants that may have been damaged or removed unnecessarily.

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Tree Planting Services

Tree Planting and Transplanting

More often than not our clients request that a new tree be planted after a tree is removed from their property. We take a great deal of pride in our ability to marry their needs with site conditions, appropriate species and availability. That, combined with planting trees properly we ensure a good start in their potentially long life.

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Tree Management Plans

Tree Management Plans

For over 20 years we have been creating a wide variety of short and long-term tree management plans for a wide array of home owners’ associations, property managers of commercial sites, as well as private residences and estates. In addition, we can help folks with forested property better manage their trees to insure their forests long term health and sustainability. We would be happy to give references out to anyone who is interested.

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International Society of Arboriculture ISA Certified Arborist Member TCIA